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Star Wolvez
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  • Building for the long term: We’ve been developing since Q3 2021; slowly, carefully, and with intent.
  • Careful consideration: Everything from our Discord development to our long-term plans are grounded in a core belief that Web3 means doing things differently and better. If we don’t do things other projects do, there’s a reason for it — fear not.
  • An entire universe: The Genesis Wolvez on Opensea and those being released on 04/04 are just the first act in the Star Wolvez universe.
  • Interoperable game: Wolvez will have significant utility in The Star Wolvez game. We are also building a first-of-its kind experience in which NFTs from other choice collections can be used to form crews and enhance overall gameplay and earnings.
  • Future collections and narrative expansion: There are many characters in our lore. Some will lend themselves to future collections. If you’ve enjoyed ‘Book One’ of the Star Wolvez lore in our Discord, rest assured there will be more ‘books’ in the future.
  • Generative Launch date: 04/04/2022
  • Mint price: 0.0888 ETH
  • Total supply: 8,880
  • Also see: The Game Litepaper 001: Gameplay & Basics

What is Star Wolvez?

Star Wolvez are some of the last survivors on Earth in a future century. Man’s thoughtlessness has plunged the planet into a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Fortunately, glimpses of beauty remain. Glimpses of hope. With the help of ‘The Others’, a mysterious sect of renegade humans that left Earth centuries ago, the Wolvez await an opportunity to leave Earth once and for all…

Star Wolvez V1 is an NFT collection comprising 100 Genesis tokens and 8,880 Generative tokens. The floor, as of writing, for Genesis Wolvez is 4.5eth.

The NFTs serve as membership passes to The Ascension: a collective launch into the infinite beyond.

There are significant developments in the works for a V2, i.e. a platform for future Star Wolvez franchises to coalesce into an entire universe.

What is your North Star?

Our strategy from the beginning has been to zig where others have zagged. To cut an uncharted path that sets a new caliber and precedent for NFTs and web3.

There are obvious ploys and tactics to generate hype. The Star Wolvez community knows them, dislikes them, and actively avoids them. We value quality planning, high level execution, and connections that go beyond JPEGs and a few quick ETH.

Perhaps most importantly, our focus has been on fostering a community of individuals who aspire to something greater. The narrative and lore is escapist, but the threads that run through it and the project as a whole are patience, perseverance, striving for great goals, and supporting one another in doing so. Where we’re going, the moon will just be a speck of dust.

Who is behind the project?

Through and through, we are a group of Wolvez that believe deeply in NFTs. Love them, talk about them constantly, and now we live them.

We are easy to find—if you look on the Star Wolvez follow list on Twitter, or talk to us daily in the Discord, or find us all in Alpha Mint.

Founder — Chawanzo — has over 15 years of design experience, from art and branding, to user interfaces. His experience extends to app development and project management, and he was one of the first people on the Metalink team. Based in the US, originally from the UK.

Chawanzo started Wolvez as a small passion project to develop his pixel art chops, which quickly snowballed as more saw the work. You can catch him in the Discord most of the day, essentially making the Discord a 24/7 AMA…

World Builder — NVO — a creative writer, he seized the opportunity to create a grounding narrative for the Star Wolvez. The most interesting thing in the world to him is how narratives govern almost everything around us. They’re the water in which we swim.

Over time, contributing to the canon lore turned into many hours of careful consideration re: how to build an entire universe for the project, from ideating early discord games to envisioning what the long arc of the project should be. And of course communicating what the project is about.

Overseers—R2Degen, FreeMrktCptlst, and Scottco—A group of advisors (and in R2’s case, an artist for Wolvez) that are deeply rooted and even more deeply connected within the NFT community. Founders and Community Managers for Alpha Mint — a premier group of NFT enthusiasts — who run a Youtube channel that delivers content every morning.

They have been instrumental in deciphering the NFT landscape as the Star Wolvez has developed. From the intricacies of the Discord games, to the delivery of smart contracts.

Developers—Apeszn, Jack, and Chaos Metaverse—Building a universe in Web3 requires high quality developers. Apeszn has put together one of the most intricate webs of Discord bots and games in NFT history, Jack has built a stunning website for the Wolvez, and Chaos Metaverse are at the very bleeding edge of smart contracts.

Moderators—CrazySwimmer & Papi — Anyone that has walked the halls of the Star Wolvez Discord knows just how top tier these two Mods are and continue to be. Not only do they have strong DevSecOps, gaming, and NFT community management (e.g. Super Ordinary Villains) experience under their belt, their GIF game is unrivaled (except for Hayes, maybe…).

What is the Utility of a Genesis?

The League of Genesis were the first Wolvez to leave Earth and venture bravely into the unknown beyond. Over the course of a few weeks — on the now famous Moon Mondays —the Genesis Wolvez were won in a variety of formats in Discord—from community votes to PVP battles.

They serve as the original inspiration behind the entire collection and brand. Any member of The League of Genesis (i.e. the holders) will have ‘Ascendlist’ in perpetuity for all future collections in the Star Wolvez universe.

In the Star Wolvez game, the Genesis Wolvez will earn a significantly larger yield of the native token than other Wolvez or compatible projects.

Genesis Wolvez will also have first dibs at the Genesis NFTs in future collections.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the Genesis Wolvez on OpenSea.

What is the Roadmap?

Star Wolvez V1—Our inaugural collection: 100 Genesis Wolvez, and 8,880 Generative Wolvez. The basis for the Star Wolvez franchise, the token you will need at least one of to unlock the next stages.

The Game—The game development has commenced. There are two main game activities: manage your Homebase or launch Missions (passive mining missions or more active battle missions). The in-game token will be earned from various objective-based challenges, missions, and airdrops.

The NFT community has seen far too many games falter in NFTs of late. We’ve taken two approaches as a result: create a proof-of-concept in Discord that works (mission accomplished) and ease into full on chain activities (we will be building with Web2.5 principles to begin with to improve speed of delivery, de-risk any potential exploits, allow us to iterate at a faster pace, and minimize gas exposure).

A demo of the game. All content is for illustrative purposes.

Merchandise—Merchandise has been designed in various formats, from wearables to coffee table pieces. The in-game Shop will be the only way to gain access to these historic physical pieces.

Future Collections—Our vision is to create a universe around the Star Wolvez. They have a deep history, and an even deeper future. We will need to peel back the layers on what happened before The Ascension, but we’ll also need to take a glimpse into what has happened to them post-ascendance. Currently, these collections are top secret and are on a need-to-know basis.

How does the Allowlist (Ascendlist) work?

The ‘Ascendlist’ for Star Wolvez has grown more complex as the project has developed. The meta for minting has changed drastically over the past few months and we have noticed it with a keen eye. Public mints are botted to high heaven, Discords promote meaningless spammed messages.

As ever, we zigged where we saw the market zag.

There are three main roles in the Discord server that will have the opportunity to mint Generative Wolvez:

  1. League of Genesis — Owners of the Genesis collection — 5 Mints
  2. Elders — Members of the Discord that have leveled up to earn ‘Lore’ tokens and have contributed to community lore in an outstanding way *— 3 Mints
  3. Hunter — Partner project members — 1 Mint

*As of writing, 3,433 stories have been published in the community.

Upon mint day, we will space the minting out into various phases for each tier to ensure that everyone is accounted for with the minimum of gas expenditure.

A lineage of Wolvez is depicted below:

How is Star Wolvez different?

Building the core: The majority of our ‘Ascendlist’ is governed by contributions to the community. We’ve invited all discord members to contribute to the Star Wolvez story via a Community Lore channel. Excellent contributions to the lore granted users an ‘Elder’ role in Discord. The Elders are the foundation of the community in many ways — they’ve shown willingness to participate meaningfully and to share openly and vulnerably with the pack. Everyone has a story to tell. The NFT space doesn’t ask us to tell our stories enough. Telling stories together is integral to the entire human (or in this case, wolven) experience.

Gamification with a purpose: We built innovative games from the ground up in our private Discord that offer a preview of where the project is headed. This allowed us to:

  • Test gamification ideas and hypotheses for The Game
  • Allow community members to decide for themselves if they enjoy what we’re building, i.e. self selecting for long-term engagement with the project
  • Offer a discord experience that doesn’t suck and often surprises
  • XP earned in the discord will carry forward to the game we’re building — no pointless grinding

The pack grows: In the middle stages of project development, we decentralized the invite rollout for the Discord. Community members were able to burn potions earned in games and quests in exchange for invites to bring their own community members, friends, and family into the fold.

As we prepare for the broader launch, we’re also partnering with other stellar NFT communities to show them what we’re building and to let them share our journey. They’ve done the same hard work we have to build great foundations.

We’re highly selective with who we partner with and have a thesis around why we accept to work with a collection. We’re not interested in cheap hype tactics, we want to provide a new opportunity for communities that have shown immense promise.

Ethos over everything: We’ve been building this since Q3 of last year. Slowly and with great care. We could have launched a generative collection during our first wave of hype in December. We didn’t. Why? Because we’re obsessed with this project, know what our vision for it is, and demand it meet our own standards. Every step of the way.

Interoperable game: In the same way we’re welcoming choice NFT projects into the Star Wolvez community, there will be an even more select set of NFTs that are interoperable with the Star Wolvez game. Fun and community compound, just like staked tokens do. Get ready to assemble an epic crew for intergalactic missions — whether it be the resourcefulness of Galactic Apes on a mining mission, or the ferocity of a Kaiju King in a battle... The galaxy is a dangerous place; players of all dispositions and with different traits and skill sets will be useful.

That was a lot of words so let’s get back to what we all do best… Looking at JPEGs.



Star Wolvez

Where we’re going, the moon will be just a speck of dust.