🌕 Mega Moon Monday: November Edition

Star Wolvez
8 min readNov 7, 2022

Hello Wolvez, it’s been a minute since the full moon shone down on your beautiful fur and we all howled a collective !howl.

Big, bold moves have been happening since last month, from huge Game upgrades, to our very own Wolf-e-Dex. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the news…

Real-life footage of Esoteric and OneShot !howling their butts off and Sir Linkin and Whesley P joining in.


  • Animated machines, new machine levels, and new modals to help you see important data
  • A new Star Laboratory machine (speed boosts), upgrade with Stardust, and an exclusive Cosmetic for Tournament participants
  • New game modes launching this week: Solo Mode and Mining Missions
  • Wolf-e-Dex and Game Guide are both live and a button has been added to the Game UI to easily revisit them
  • Plenty of bug fixes
  • An Alliance is close to completion with another collection
  • Hoodies shipping very soon, 5 new genny animations, and winners of PVP tourney announced
  • Pipeline update: XP/Badges, Technician Bunker machine, and Blobagotchis

🎨 Game: Visual Upgrades

• We have been rolling out Animated Machines across the Homebase in waves and your home now buzzes and bubbles in beautiful ways. Not only do they now move, but there are many more visual levels as you upgrade. More of these to come throughout this week!

Above is an example of the levels that the Space Elixir Mine can ‘grow’ through in your quest to max it out. R2 has been hard at work animating all the machines, and the results are gorgeous. Be sure to hop into his Twitch streams (links get posted into Pack Chat) as it’s a great learning experience for budding pixel artists.

• A new modal is available on Machines that displays the current Yield/Storage, as well as the Yield/Storage/Cost of the next upgrade. Simply click/tap a Machine and open the ‘Info’ button.

Click/tap on any of your Machines in the Homebase and then click/tap on the button that reads ‘Info’. This will then show you core stats around the current state of the Machine and the boost you get from upgrading it.

New Resource modals are now available when you click your Resource bars in the top right corner of the screen, giving you insight into you Storage capacity and Yield.

By clicking/tapping on the Resource bars (Neon Gold or Space Elixir) in the top right of your Homebase, a new modal will tell you how much storage capacity you have, your hourly yield, and whether Mines have stopped production due to Storage being maxed out.

• The Shop for Buildings and Cosmetics has a new lick of paint with a more uniform and attractive view of the available offerings.

Creating a more uniform and beautiful experience in the in-game Shop.

📠 Game: Mechanic Upgrades & Machines

• Build at Warp Speed. The brand new Star Laboratory Machine allows you to trigger a 30 minute boost on Upgrades and Building. This can be upgraded to Level 6, which would give you a 10x upgrade speed for 30 minutes. The cooldown time is 12 hours for all levels. Note: you will be able to build this as of today, but some small bugs are causing issues around activation currently.

A Machine with its own gravitational pull and an ability to break the space-time continuum and make Machines around it build and upgrade faster…

• Feeling impatient? You can now trigger an Upgrade/Build Boost with Stardust, which will let you complete the upgrade or build time immediately.

We know that life gets in the way, like finding some new stockpile of mutated space rats, but sometimes you just need to get stuff done. Click/tap a Machine that is currently being built/upgraded, and click the ‘Speed Up’ button that appears. You will receive a modal that indicates the time remaining, and the cost in Stardust.

New Machine levels have been added to the game including a Level 6 Mainframe that will be needed to upgrade some of the more advanced buildings coming up, and Level 10 Space Elixir Storage, Space Elixir Mines, Neon Gold Storage, and Neon Gold Mines.

Imagine what your friends will think when you can show them your Level 10s!

• The competitors in the Galactic Tournament of Champions (congrats to ALLEN for winning the entire thing!) will now be able to build a new Cosmetic into their Homebase — a Trophy to remember the grueling battle.

A huge thank you and congrats to those who participated in our first Tournament… Wen next tourny?

• A new set of tabs are added to the Leaderboards that will include top Stardust holders and Login grinders. We will also be adding a Leaderboard for PVE as soon as the game mode is stable and bug free.

🎮 Game Modes

• The new Solo Mission, or PVE mode, pits you against a horde of angry Space Rats over six (6) grueling rounds. Each round gets harder as your HP is reduced by 25HP, but the Rats will always have unlimited AP and 300HP. Only the strongest will survive. [This will be rolling out later this week]

Similar to our previous game mode in Discord, the Solo (or PVE) mode pits the Player against swarms of filthy mutant rats.

• Our new dev recruit’s first sprint? The new passive Mining Mission mode, which allows you to send your pack to an Asteroid nearby to mine for chunks of resources. These range from Common Asteroids to Legendary Asteroids and your Asteroid pool will refresh periodically. Note: there’s no guarantees to come out of the Mission alive, but you can do research before you pick one… [This will be rolling out later this week]

🧠 Knowledge Base

• The Official Wolf-e-Dex is LIVE! The winner: Hanzo, who has joined our Game Dev team. Find official rankings, in-game HP points, and a beautiful gallery of Wolvez at dex.starwolvez.com. (Note that rarity goes upwards, so the most powerful and rare have the highest rarity rank)

The ultimate guide to the Wolvez: click on to see Rarity, HP, and more.

• A huge shout out to the developers who built towards amazing versions of the Wolf-e-Dex: Jekyl, Alexey, Hanzo, and others. We will be dishing out the 5eth prize pool shortly.

• The new Game Guide will help you navigate through all of the aspects of the game. As new mechanics and modes roll-out, this will be where to find deeper information. Note that this is currently a work-in-progress that changes over time. Read the Guide here.

• There is now a Guides button inside the Game, below Objectives and Leaderboards in the top left corner, that gives you easy access to all the new Knowledge resources.

A living breathing collection of resources for the Star Wolvez universe, from the Game Guide, to the Wolf-e-Dex.

🐛 Bug Fixes

• The Stardust Airdrop went to planned, with a few folks missing their wallets — these have now been cleared up and airdropped

• Tall Machines no longer move around when you click or tap the top of them

• Yield bars in the Resource modals was showing long strings of numbers — this is now fixed

• Disable the upgrade button when the machine is maxed

• Disable interaction with homebase when the description modal or shop modal are open

• Neon Gold Mines and Space Elixir Mines were not producing yield for 24 hours and were displaying a string of numbers in the Resource modal — now fixed

📜 Alliances & Partnerships

Alliance: [REDACTED] and the Star Wolvez have, after many long discussions, decided to shake paws and build an alliance. The first steps of this will be to assist in the governing of the [REDACTED] contract, meaningful integration into the game (A [REDACTED] branded [REDACTED] Mission, the first of the Silver Tier Soft Staking, and a [REDACTED] Exclusive Machine that yields small amounts of Stardust). Stardust will also be the main currency for [REDACTED] moving forward.

[REDACTED] Genesis will join our League of Genesis as Honorary Members.

Note that we will be announcing this in unison soon.

Partnerships: Currently in conversations with both the Kongu and Project Metrograd teams to get them into the game, with announcements, leading up into their mints. We will be rolling out more minted project integrations over the coming 1–2 weeks too.

👕 Misc

• Delivery details can be sent to our production partners next week for the Hoodies. Expect to get your cozy hoodie in time for chilly season. With that said, 10 hoodies go into the shop this week.

• 5 new Genesis Wolf animations hit the shelves thanks to our main main Sir Linkin. Check those bad boys out here, here, here, here, and here. Thank you to the five Genny holders who helped with their mini-stories!

• After several hard fought weeks in the Battledome the First Galactic PvP Tournament finished in spectacular fashion. In front of an audience of Wolvez, the finalists ALLEN and Kinderman took to the arena and after nearly an hour on the edge of our seats a victor was crowned. Congratulations to the first ever Galactic PvP Champion: ALLEN

• Roughly 8,000 Allowlist spots have been sourced for the Wolvez in the last quarter!

🔜 In the Pipeline

XP, Leveling, & Badges: The spec for XP earning is complete and we will begin building the XP and Leveling mechanics into the Game once we have smoothed the sails with this latest release. This will add an entirely new gamification device into the game and will give us the necessary code base to create the Battle Pass.

• Ever wanted to upgrade and build two or more Machines at the same time? We’re currently in the process of finalizing the Technician Bunker, where you can recruit more workers for your Homebase. You will eventually be able to create four (4) Bunkers, but the cost of which will increase steeply. More on this soon.

• A whole new room… for those of you that finally manage to grab yourself a wild Blob, we will be adding a special room to your Homebase. Here you will be able to nurture your smily friend, level it up, and alter aspects of your friend. Some have even called it a Blobagotchi…

We’re in the process of working out the complexities of such a thing on-chain, and will be aiming for safer market conditions for our companions to come to life.

Until next time, Wolven family! ❤️



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