🌒 Mega Moon Monday: May 2023 Edition

Star Wolvez
7 min readMay 15, 2023

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Gooood Monday, Wolvez and Gapes. We hope you all had a great weekend!

Since we last spoke, there has been an outbreak of thievery across the vast and beautiful Infinite Beyond, the Gapes grow even more powerful, and The Shopkeeper has cut a bunch of new deals with his interstellar trade partners…

Let’s get down to biz…


  • Base Raid V1 is going live: attack other players’ Homebases and steal their loot (as well as a new HP Bar in Homebases)
  • Galactic Apes get superpowers — special abilities are added to a variety of Gape traits
  • A brand new FUR-69 chip is arriving, mutating your Wolf’s appearance (as well as BK-55 II chips with brand new, stunning backgrounds)
  • New Neon Gold and Space Elixir Accelerator machines help you generate resources faster and more efficiently
  • A fantastic Game onboarding guide for newcomers written by Star Wolvez community hero: CatfishStached
  • Bug fixes and improvements include: Wallet Connect and quality of life improvements to Boss Battles
  • In the Works at the moment: Battle Royale game mode, a premium resource called Dark Matter, training and upgrading Troops, 3x new defensive machines, and Blob Shop designs and mechanics

⚔️ Base Raid V0 → Base Raid V1: Activate!

Thieves, intergalactic pirates, and sneaky war strategists across the vast oceans of stars are locked away in their Homebases’ war rooms — working out who their first target will be…

We are moving Base Raids from V0 to V1: you will be able to scan through other players’ Homebases and launch an attack on their prized resources.

How it works:

  • Launch a Base Raid to begin finding your perfect target (note: you’ll only have a short period to decide or skip to the next base!)
  • Once you have chosen the base you want to attack, you will unleash your pack and they will begin randomly attacking machines. (HP will update periodically for both Attackers and Defenders)
  • Should you completely destroy your opponent’s Homebase, you will be rewarded with a percentage of their current stockpile of Resources
  • Should your entire Squad be knocked out by the defensive capabilities of the opponent’s Homebase, you will lose XP
  • Note: the same base cannot be attacked more than once per day

🙏 This is a highly complex launch so expect a couple of days of testing and some bugs when it first hits the shelves. Certain dynamics of the Game Mode are also subject to change over time (such as what you lose from an unsuccessful mission to how long your Squad is ‘knocked out’ for before launching another Raid).

🏥 HP Bar

To help assist your defensive strategy, an HP Bar has been added to your Homebase to give you a holistic view of its ability to ward of attacks and safeguard your hard earned resources.

When you attack someone’s Homebase, you will also see their HP Bar — helpful in understanding if your Squad has a reasonable chance of breaking down their defenses.

🦧 Gapes get traits! (V0)

The magical powers of the Star Wolvez have been rubbing off on their dearest comrades… The Galactic Apes are now exhibiting new superpowers across all of their daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs (from Mining to Boss Battles).

For a rundown of the V0 set of in-game Traits being assigned to Gapes in the upcoming patch, check out this link here.

Neon Gold and Space Elixir Accelerators

2 new, upgradable machines are launching in the patch: the Neon Gold and Space Elixir Accelerators.

These handy technology advancements help boost the output of Neon Gold and Space Elixir by 2x-5x for a number of hours (depending on the level of the Machine).

🛍️ The Shopkeeper has new goodies…

BK-55: Installment II
A brand new set of scenic backgrounds to be equipped to your Wolvez. Ranging from a glorious day back on Earth, to the time your crew found that strange, tentacle planet. Get them while stocks last!

See the full list of options below 👇

NM-8: Installment III

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The trusty NM-8 has now proven itself to be a chip safe enough for any wolf to install. These will launch at a random time in the near future.

[NEW!] FUR-69: Installment I

The Shopkeeper recently heard chatter over the Black Market radio that a new chip was being built by a group of biohackers…

Word has it that these chips change a Wolf’s appearance completely… Unique to the wolf who installs it, mutating them in ways we’ve never seen before.

📖 A game onboarding guide for newcomers

The mighty CatfishStached, councilman of Elders and Genesis alike, pulled together details and bestowed his wisdom for newcomers and regulars alike.

This will help any newcomer and Web3 gaming enthusiast alike. Check the guide out here.

🐞 Misc. Bug Fixes & Improvements

Wallet Connect — After weeks of testing and tweaking, we’re rolling out Wallet Connect again. (Note: Metamask app has yet to be upgraded to contain support for Wallet Connect 2.0. They have a planned update for June 15.)

Boss Fight updates — A swathe of bug fixes (like profile pictures not showing correctly) and improvements (countdown timer syncing is now much better across all users, speed of game mode is faster, and generally is more robust).

In the Works

Battle Royale

A simple daily game mode, ported from our old Discord game days, that let’s you load into a massive free-for-all battle with no rules, just blood thirstiness and back stabbing.

Each round, contestants will attack whoever is nearest by, potentially taking them out of the game, until there is only one winner left.

We plan to run these once or twice a day.

Dark Matter

A brand new resource has been discovered! It is dark in appearance, and highly volatile — no-one yet knows where it came from or what exactly it is… But it sparkles beautifully under the dim lights of our Homebases.

Why introduce another resource? Up until this point, the burn rate of Stardust has been, frankly, enormous—a velocity larger than expected. Dark Matter will help to control earn-and-burn cycles to a manageable level and lower the risk of Stardust being required for every upgrade (e.g. many cases of users accidentally spending hundreds of Stardust to speed upgrade Machines).

Expect this to be earnable in-game soon.


With the advent of Base Raiding V1, you will soon notice that top tier bases are like fortresses that seem impenetrable. Fear not, as there are two mechanics in the works to allow you to come away with some goodies even with most difficult Base Raids:

  • Resources earned by destroying machines, not just a full Base destruction (e.g. taking out a Neon Gold Mine/Storage, but not fully destroying the base, will yield Neon Gold)
  • Troops! Train, upgrade, and turn your mercenaries into savage beasts, eager to grab whatever Resources they can lay their hands on. With new machines including: Barracks (to unlock new Troop levels, new Troop types, and training) and Cadet Dorms (to help you store trained Troops — upgrades unlock more capacity).

This will make even the most impenetrable base… penetrable 👀 by all. Let the sirens of war ring through the galaxy! 🚨

Kuma Ancestor Shrine

A new machine for Kumaverse holders — the mystic Zen Ancestor Kuma that becomes more and more powerful and alive as it upgrades — The longer he meditates the more Space Elixir he will gift you daily.

3x New Defensive Machines

Gravity Bomber, Photon Shield, and Photon Shield Battery — With the sounds of enemy spacecrafts zipping overhead and the thunderous crashes from attacks on your yield-bearing machines, your Sergeants may advise you invest in some of the most cutting edge defensive technology. More on these soon…

Blob Shop

A few updates on Blobs, our favorite little heroes.

  • We have enlisted the support of Dend, a founder at Kumaverse, to consult on Blob Traits. His pixel art work is in the very top tier in the space and the traits he has produced are astounding.
  • We have finalized designs on the ‘Blob Shop’ — a place where you can acquire limited edition gear to equip to your Blob.

Roadmap Refresh

A quick sneak peak at our work-in-progress roadmap for 2023! More refinement and updates on this to come.

Note: Stardust is purely an in-game utility token.



Star Wolvez

Where we’re going, the moon will be just a speck of dust.