🌔 Mega Moon Monday: March 2023 Edition

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7 min readMar 6, 2023

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Happy Moon Monday you wonderful Wolvez and Gapes. We hope you’re having a !howling !goohd time wherever you are in the world. The next full moon will rise into the skies tomorrow night — the Full Worm Moon — and apparently the Earth worms will rise? We left that place way too long ago to remember those little things. Delicious, though, if we recall.

We have been very busy building the most ambitious game patch so far. From three brand new game modes, to customizable boosts for your Star Wolf collectibles… Needless to say, we’ve been on a mission.

Without further ado…

🥞 Tl;dr

  • Boss Battles are here! Multiple times per day, we fight together, and win together!
  • Base Raids V0 is launching (later in the week); ability to check out opponent bases, find some easy targets for when the full game mode goes live
  • Blobagotchi Room: a new room in the Homebase, with a small segment of Blob juice, ready to be nurtured…
  • Art Boosts: add animation and backgrounds to your Wolvez…
  • !GOOH… A new machine that only Galactic Monkes can craft
  • Bumps to GAPE staking yield
  • Brawler Bears and Ether Orcs machines under development
  • Lightning and Plasma will reign down on your enemies with pure-play defensive Machines
  • Raiding someone’s Homebase may require additional support in the form of Troops!
  • Mother Wolf and a Slade’s Porcelain Throne cosmetic…
  • Improved yield for Galactic Monke/Ape/Genesis
  • And plenty more mini enhancements across the interface

🚀 Game Patch 2023.002: Launching this Week

Please note that the Game Patch will go live when we have everything stable for release. We always aim for evening time US.

👹 Boss Battles

Lukehh has produced a Star Wolf classic and it’s now in the Game itself: Boss Battles! Big shout out to OneShot for tirelessly testing and spec’ing!

During our Alpha test phase over the coming few weeks, we’ll be launching 8 Boss Battles a day to stress test the system (they will be paying out half of what the final version will).

How to play? Ready up with the rest of the pack each round and your squad’s combined HP will determine the damage you do each round.

Together, we are stronger and we will defeat the rat armies!

Bosses come in various rarity types, which in turn changes how powerful they are and how many resources they are safeguarding from us all…
Each round, you will be required to ‘Ready Up’ (just like the good ol’ Discord game days). The net HP of your Active Squad will determine the damage you inflict on a round-by-round basis. If the pack win, the damage done per person will determine the portion of the resources they earn.

🛡️ Base Raid V0: Base Viewing

Chance has been working on the first step towards our most complex game mode to date, with real loss mechanisms: Base Raids.

In the V0, you will be able to toggle through different players’ Homebases and take a sneaky look around. This will give you an idea of how powerful some bases may be and possibly even some easy targets…

The next steps in the development cycle include; defensive HP for all machines, new defensive oriented machines, attacking bases, and building troops. (More on those below…)

In the first iteration of Base Raids, you will be able to hop into other people’s Bases and take a look around. Who are you planning to attack first?

💦 Blobagotchi Room

ShortCircuit’s big contribution this patch is a glorious new room in your Homebase… The Blob Room!

Click on the door in the top right of your Homebase to check out the construction work in progress.

When you finally receive your Blob (we’re getting closer), this is where you will nurture your companion on a daily basis. Your Blob will need Feeding, Healing, Play Time, and Sleep Time in order to both stay alive and begin to level up.

When your Blob levels up, you will be able to assign points, in a skill tree, that boost their ability to defend your Homebase from pesky raiders.

For now, it’s in view mode only, as we tinker with the mechanics a little more.

Whatever you do, don’t make your Blob “saddly blarg” you absolute tyrants!
A sneak peek on the upcoming Upgrade Blob mechanics that will boost your Blob’s ability to defend your Homebase during Base Raids.

🆙 Other Improvements

  • Stardust is now PINK! 💗
  • Mainframe now has a new Level 2 design
  • Galactic Monkes now yield Stardust daily (1)
  • Galactic Monkes now have their own section on the Squad picker modal
  • Galactic Apes now yield double Stardust per day (2)
  • Galactic Genesis will yield more than double Stardust per day (8)
  • Note: Galactic Genesis OG contract has caused us a number of issues (it used the Opensea Black Box contract which makes things harder to work with). Be sure to know: we are actively working on this!
  • More Wolvez became animated on chain (we ran a test for team members to get the workflow even tighter)

✍️ Works In Progress

💽 Art Boost: Animation Chips (NM-8)

The Star Wolf art files are now 100% animated, with multiple variations on some traits. 20 NM-8 Chips will come at a random point soon…

The Shopkeeper in Sector Sigma One has a new shipment flying in soon. A new chip that only a certain few Wolvez have tested so far… Word around the Infinite Beyond is that they’re stable and cause no long-term side effects in Wolvez.

These aren’t black market chips either, they’re the good quality stuff. Be quick, when they hit the store, they’ll only be restocked when The Shopkeeper can get his hands on some new ones…

Look out for a tweet soon.

🩻 Art Boost: Background Chips (BK-44)

For many long-standing Wolvez, there is something special about the memories of The Great Forest, and for newcomers, the smells of those Asteroid Mines inspires a new level of productivity…

The Shopkeeper in Sector Sigma One received another tip-off from his sources… They say there are upgradeable Background Chips being developed. Some to help us remember our history; others to give us direction for our future.

(Note: that these will be purely cosmetic upgrades and will not alter rarity)

🐒 Galactic Monkes: GOOH Refinery

It’s only right that these beautiful, cheeky Monkes have their own place to tinker and help their family. We have finished the artwork and spec for the GOOH Refinery, a machine that will increase the efficacy of the GASA Embassy’s output.

You will need a Galactic Monke to build this and we will be releasing it next patch.

🧸 Brawler Bears: Brawler Cage

As we continue our firm handshake with our friendly Bear pals, we have begun work on the Brawler Bears’ Collection Exclusive Machine: The Brawler Cage.

Owning a Brawler Bear will allow the creation of this machine, and will grant the owner more resources paid out (Neon Gold and Space Elixir) during battle game modes (e.g. PVE and PVP).

🧌 Ether Orcs: Alchemist Lab

With the recent news of a full deprecation of development in the Ether Orcs universe, we have conceptualized a building that will bring a very powerful upgrade to holders of Ether Orcs: the Alchemist Lab.

We look forward to Ether Orcs hopping aboard the space crafts we sent over to Valkala, and having them join us in the cozy confines of Homebases soon.

OP? You’re damn right. It will provide the Homebase with an extra worker, just like building another Technician Bunker.

📡 Defense Buildings: Lightning Tower & Plasma Cannon

Your current Homebase Machines provide you shelter from the attacks of your fellow, sneaky Wolvez. They can absorb immense amount of damage, in fact. Those Cosmetics you own might help too…

But you never know if a beast like OneShot will come swinging through to take you on. You’ll want to build these new technologies fresh out of the labs: Lightning Tower (quick, rapid fire), and the Plasma Cannon (slower, bigger impact).

(You will also notice the ‘Raid Satellite’ in the image below, something you’ll need in order to launch a raid on other bases in the future…)

🚽 Cosmetic: Mother Wolf & Porcelain Throne

Relics of our past… Slade’s fabled Porcelain Throne and a monument to our spiritual guide: Mother Wolf.

These will be added as easter eggs into the game, to be earned by hitting major Milestones.

Pray and poop, the new meta.

🫡 Army: Troops

As Homebases across the Infinite Beyond continue to advance, upgrade, and become fortresses against outside forces, it will become necessary to adorn your attacking threat with reinforcements.

We have put in the early cycles to get the mechanics correct for these and you can expect to begin building troops when Base Raids are fully operational (V1/V2).

(Below is an early rendering of what the interface could look like when the time comes…)

This image is for illustrative purposes and mechanics, UI, and images may change significantly before launch.

And that wraps up a big month of hustling from us! We will see you next time for another big Moon Monday!



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