🌘 Mega Moon Monday: Jan 2023 Edition

Star Wolvez
9 min readJan 9, 2023

Happy New Year, Wolvez, Gapes, and Monkes!

We want to wish you and your nearest and dearest pack members the best of luck and prosperity this year and hope you are all safe and well (and slightly larger after the Christmas break).

While the pups were all tucked up and the old folks were sipping their sherry, there was one Wolf that was getting to work…

Howl, howl, howl, and a bottle of mutant rat rum! Art by Sir Linkin.

We saw Santa Paws pop down our chimneys and adorn us with a gift — the stunning Xmas Tree Cosmetic—for those who participated in the Homebase Christmas Tree design challenge. (This will be rolled out in phases in the next patch — if you have not submitted your wallet address, Sir Linkin has likely messaged you asking for it–fear not, you will get your tree!).


  • Make sure to join the Twitter Space today for the full rundown. Link here!
  • Christmas Tree cosmetic, UI sounds, and new loading screen
  • Soft Staking 2.0 goes live
  • Tier 2 Machines are launched (combine Level 10 Machines for a mega Machine)
  • Mining is improved and rebranded for Galactic Apes
  • Stardust Mine goes live (break space-time and gather Stardust from multiple epochs…)
  • GASA Embassy, the first Collection Exclusive Machine, goes live with a juicy reward for Gape holders
  • Wallet Connect and native mobile browser support incoming
  • Traits UI and reentry into the Game mechanics incoming
  • Blob room tile map construction progressed
  • Animated Wolvez incoming
  • Partnership with Little Lemon Friends secured; partnerships with Kumaverse, Moonrunners, and Brawler Bears progressed
  • Others’ traits (directed by Genesis Holders) progressed
  • An all new Homebase map on the horizon?

Game Patch 2023.001

🔊 Let there be sound!

Space is a vacuum, sound is an illusion, but luckily we Wolvez can outsmart the laws of physics. A newly installed plugin on our game engine allowed us to add the first UI sounds.

You’ll notice these when you login, launch a Mission, or hover over elements in your Homebase.

Where do we take it from here? Music, more sounds, and a more immersive experience (and a mute button).

🥩 Soft Staking 2.0

The extension of Soft Staking goes live with the latest patch. Users holding a Genesis Wolf earn 50 Stardust per day, and Generative Wolvez each earn 5 per day. No actions required.

Note: We plan to add a small piece of informational UI into the Soft Staking modal soon to let newcomers know of this benefit. We also plan to include Galactic Apes in the Soft Staking mechanism in an upcoming release.

🏗 Tier 2 Machines

Your wolf engineers are hard at work upgrading your Machines to all new heights until…

The heights get bigger. With the new patch, you can merge two Level 10 machines (of the same type) into one mega-machine (Tier 2 Machine). Note: this removes both of the Level 10 machines.

This boost is costly but the rewards for having them are higher. Visit the Game Guide for more info.

⛏ Mining gets a polish

Plenty of cycles have gone into making Mining smoother, more stable, and overall just better. Shout out to OneShot for tireless testing these over the past few weeks.

A couple of important things for you mining enthusiasts out there:

  • When all of the daily Asteroids have been claimed, the modal that you receive is now more informative
  • There are 100 Asteroids per day, and we noticed that these were being claimed very quickly — a great sign, but frustrating for some players — the cooldown has now been cut in half and should improve availability.

A new rebranding of the Missions to the ‘Galactic Apes Mining’ inside the game shows the first step in our commitment to our new allied forces. We plan to extend this soon with new multipliers for Gapes in this Game Mode.

We will have new updates to Mining over the next month with fine tuning to Asteroid HP, Mining Times, Rewards, and Multipliers.

✨ Stardust Mine

Releasing in the latest patch, the long awaited Stardust Mine! A machine that allows you to mine Stardust on a daily basis, similar to your Space Elixir and Neon Gold mines.

The Mine is 4x4 squares, cutting a large and glorious figure in your Homebase. Shoutout to Sir Linkin for his fine work on this Machine design!

Info on build costs and times can be found in the Game Guide.

🏛 GASA Embassy (Galactic Apes)

Paired with the Stardust Mine, and also releasing this patch, is the first of our Collection Exclusive Machines: the GASA Embassy.

The GASA Embassy works similarly to the Stardust Mine in that it produces daily Stardust. The catch? You must own a Galactic Ape to build and upgrade the machine. (Note: the machine will be upgradeable in a quick patch coming shortly after the current release — to begin, it is Level 1 only)

A big thank you to Kyle and Dilly for helping us conceive of the name, idea, and the art!

We are working on more Collection Exclusive Machines over the coming weeks.

⏳ New Loading Screen (WIP)

A small but fun enhancement to the Game UI: a brand new loading screen background has been completed and ready to be added in an upcoming patch!

👛 Wallet Connect/Native Mobile Browser Support (WIP)

We are currently making significant inroads into allowing Players to load the game on their native mobile browsers by using Wallet Connect to sign into the Game.

As many of you know, Metamask’s native browser lacks basic functionality and is generally behind the curve in terms of quality and stability.

With this upgrade, we envision you being able to play the game in glorious Landscape Mode, and being able to bookmark the game on your phone’s Homescreen, bringing us one step closer to having a “native mobile app”.

🦾 In-Game Trait Buffs (WIP)

After a few failed starts, Traits are back on the agenda. Lukehh is currently working on adding Traits into the UI for the applicable Missions.

This will provide significant advantages to Wolvez in the different Missions you choose throughout the day, allowing you to calibrate and rotate your active Squad members to suit your needs.

🫧 Blobagotchi Room (WIP)

ShortCircuit has created the preliminary tile map and motion design for Players to click on one of the doors in their Homebase and move into the new Blobagotchi room.

The goal will be to allow Players of the game to adopt the Blob companion, nurture it, and unlock upgrades for the NFT. We are planning to launch these legendary characters early this year.

If you are unfamiliar with the Lore surrounding these Blobby beasts, hop over to the Official Lore channel in Discord for a cinematic–and often hilarious–backstory…

Here’s a little example of a Blobolution in action…

Partnerships, Ecosystem, and Promos

🐺 25x Animated Wolvez incoming

We have begun developing every single trait in the Star Wolvez catalogue in animated form. We’ll be giving away 25 animated Wolvez to kick this off over the next few weeks.

This make take the form of Twitter giveaways, in-game purchases, or random kudos to active Discord members.

A big thank you to CatfishStached for taking on this project with finesse and diligence.

🍋 Our pals the… Little Lemon Friends!

The latest addition to our Game ecosystem is the mighty Little Lemon Friends!

We have custom built an integration with their pixel art versions to allow you to use your Lemons in the game.

This is the first step in an ongoing alliance, with more phases to the partnership rolling out soon.

🤝 Moonrunners, Kumaverse, and Brawler Bears

Our partnerships with the very fine folks at Moonrunners, Kumaverse, and Brawler Bears have developed over the past weeks, including the strategizing of events, co-sweeps, and Twitter Spaces together.

👩🏽‍🎤 Others’ Traits

Set to be the most insane PFP art of 2023… And a route into a non-pixel realm of the universe… We have been creating traits specific to the desires of the Genesis Wolf holders. If you are a Genesis holder and have not yet been in touch with Chawanzo, please do so!

Can you guess who’s hair trait this is? (Hint: they’re fat and questionably swole)

🐒 Monke renaissance

In typical fashion, the Monke’s have caught the eyes and hearts of the community — the heroes of the Christmas period.

As we develop the Galactic Apes ecosystem more deeply into the Star Wolvez universe, the Monkes will have their time to shine. For now, make sure to grab one and expect some news on these gorgeous creatures before long…

📌 A note on Stardust going on-chain

With many new upgrades to the game geared towards earning Stardust, it is important to give a brief update on the state of play with a token;

The current economic and political climate has created a very different outlook for tokens than the boom of last year. We have insights and advice coming from people on the frontier of the political and legal situation.

Some of you may be familiar with the LBRY case that has developed over the past year. A landmark case that will define whether ‘speculative’ tokens will be classified as securities, and what defines ‘speculative’. This will very likely impact previously launched tokens too.

With that said, we are waiting on that case to fully develop and legal changes to be made before we play our cards more safely for the project and all of you beautiful holders. As things progress, we will keep you informed, as ever.

📖 Flex your Collection

The Wolvez have been added to the new CollectionFlex tool. Head over to their site, pop your wallet address in, search for ‘Star Wolvez’ in the Collections dropdown, click ‘Flex’, and voila!

Try it out here.

One more thing…

🎨 Experimenting with Angles

As we gear up for a huge year, we don’t want to forget our roots as experimenters and iterators.

We are currently working with two deeply talented pixel artists to bring to life a more “mass market” look and feel to the Homebase.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the research so far…

😍 Obligatory wolf video to wrap things up…

With that, we wish you all a great day and a big thank you again for being the single best community of people in the Infinity Beyond.



Star Wolvez

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