🌘 Mega Moon Monday: Feb 2023 Edition

Star Wolvez
10 min readFeb 6, 2023


As the Snow Moon rose above our heads yesterday (Feb 5th) and dazzled us with a glorious and blindingly bright view, it seems only right that we all throw our favorite White Wolvez and Gapes up on our PFPs on Twitter, Discord, and Linkedin!

As always, make sure to join the Twitter Space later to get the verbal rundown and exclusive insights/alpha.

(Note that today’s patch may release at any point today or early tomorrow)

🥞 Tl;dr

  • Wallet Connect allowing connection to Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and more through your native browsers
  • Traits are now operational in PVP and PVE game modes, with UI to display them (Mining and Homebase buffs are almost ready too)
  • Galactic Apes now yield daily Stardust in Soft Staking and increased HP levels across the board !gooh
  • Daily Resource Boxes allow you to roll your Stardust for Neon Gold and Space Elixir every day
  • Big UI enhancements for Tier 2 Machine modals, a new Stardust Yield modal, Soft Staking UI improvements, and more
  • 10+ new Objectives added to the game that will make the lives of newcomers more fun and rewarding
  • Base Raid V0 backend is complete and there are some mysterious new machines on the horizon to protect your Homebase…
  • New Cosmetic items will be hitting the shop this week and plenty more have been completed for coming weeks
  • 18,000 Stardust was burned in one click (WHYDEEP bought an animated Wolf)
  • 80% of a Wolf traits are now animated
  • Solid partnership movement with Style Protocol (Wolvez), Pixels — Farm Land (Gapes), and MVHQ
  • Two pieces of Lore that could give you an insight into the future of Wolfkind…

Game Patch 2023.002

🪪 Wallet Connect

We have been making moves to improve your connection to the game, whichever wallet or platform you choose to use.

At some time this week, will roll out our brand new Wallet Connect modal, allowing you to use your native phone browser to play the game. A more stable experience for all.

If you wish to bookmark the Star Wolvez Game onto your phones home screen, its now easy to do. If you have an iPhone, use this guide, if you have an Android, use this guide.

Our next stage will be to launch ‘Landscape’ mode on mobile. Look out for that in the coming month.

🎁 Daily Resources Boxes

Find yourself in need of more Space Elixir and Neon Gold for that next big upgrade? Head over to the ‘Item Shop’ tab in the Shop and you can open up randomized loot boxes in exchange for Stardust. Note that these will change over time and no-one knows if something special will be in them…

You can open one of each every 24 hours. Good luck!

🕶️ Traits

Traits are now fully operational for your PVE and PVP game modes and there is UI added to display your buffs. We are a couple of days away from completing the same for Mining and Homebase buffs so be sure to look out for those soon too.

🏗️ Tier 2 Mine Yield UI Improvements

An improved breakdown of yield for Tier 2 Mines is now available when you click ‘Info’ on your Tier 2 Machines — displaying more granular costs to upgrade, as well showing your Stardust yield.

🥩 Soft Staking UI Improvement

We have added a handy section to the Soft Staking UI that details the exact breakdown of your passive yield. Simple, to the point, stack that SD.

For Gape holders, this will also show you you’re daily yield too!

✨ Stardust Resource Modal

Head over to your Stardust resource bar in the top right of your Game view and give it a click. It now shows you both your daily yield from Soft Staking as well as your hourly yield from your Stardust Mine, Tier 2 Machines, and GASA Embassy.

🛍️ Shop Item Availability UI

A super handy piece of UI has been added to the shop to show you how many of each Machine is available at your current Mainframe level and how many you can still build.

Gone are the days of crossing your fingers, hoping there is one available, and getting that lovely ‘Failed’ message.

🕰️ New Objectives

A ton of new Objectives have been added into the Game, making the lives of newcomers a tad easier and fun. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Gape Master — Own 10+ Galactic Apes in your wallet — 10 Stardust
  • Gape Leader — Own 20+ Galactic Apes in your wallet — 15 Stardust
  • Gape God — Own 30+ Galactic Apes in your wallet — 20 Stardust
  • God Tier Wolf — Own 100+ Wolvez in your wallet — 100 Stardust
  • Brawl me, Brah — Own at least 1 Brawler Bear — 15 Stardust
  • Life Gives Lemons — Own at least 1 Little Lemon Friend — 15 Stardust
  • Tall Neon Gold Mine — Upgrade a Neon Gold Mine to Level 10–8000 Space Elixir
  • You’re a Mogul — Build a Second Technician Bunker — 5000 Neon Gold

🦍 Galactic Ape Buffs

Soft Staking

Galactic Apes are being added to the Game’s Soft Staking mechanism, whereby Galactic Apes will yield 1 Stardust per day, and Genesis Gapes will earn 3 Stardust per day after the holding grace period of 7 days.

This brings the Galactic Apes into the universe as a more powerful and valuable beast and part of our continued commitment to tying them into our value system.

HP Boosts

We have altered the HP system in the Game, whereby Star Wolvez are classed as Tier 1, Galactic Apes are Tier 2, and all other projects are Tier 3. This means that all Galactic Apes will receive a significant bump in their base HP in comparison to other collections. It also makes Genesis Gapes even more powerful than ever before.

(Note: We will be working on those cheeky Monkes next 🐒)

⚔️ Base Raid V0 Backend is Complete

Our first build of Base Raid is well underway, and we are aiming to have the V0 completed in the next couple of weeks. The V0 will allow you to port to other people’s bases and start to take a look around.

In the meantime, we will also be rolling out a couple of new machines that will be vital when we roll out V1 of Base Raids (active raiding); can you guess what these machines are called?

💄 New Cosmetics

Let’s hope you’ve been stacking up your Stardust because your Homebase could do with a few new pieces of decoration.

Who said you can’t drink Rat Beer in space?

👨‍🔧 Revamps and Tweaks to PVE and PVP

We have made some adjustments to the PVE game mode to create greater Neon Gold and Space Elixir payouts, a new Loss Mechanism, added another round, slightly rebalanced Stardust payout, as well as adding some anti-gaming measures.

PVP will be seeing some adjustments too, with a training session being developed, and a rebalancing of winning payouts.

🆙 Other Fixes & Improvements

  1. Improvement to PVE leaderboard to show both Rounds won and K/D%
  2. A few new visual levels and animations for Machines
  3. Shop has been cleaned up and reordered into tabs properly
  4. Timer added next to ‘Open All’ in Soft Staking
  5. Decimal point fixes added to Leaderboards and Stardust Yield modals
  6. New background for the login screen
  7. Added Primal Beasts to the Game
  8. Anti-gaming/Cheating: It came to our attention that some people were exploiting the payout system. We implemented a couple of fixes and the resources made from botting the game will be rectified. On top of that, we’ll be setting some anti-gaming rules and regulations including: using multiple wallets to farm victories and using any sort of macro to bot the game. Bad actor behavior delays the development of the game and add extra work for the devs to solve it.

🤝 Partnerships & Community

❤️‍🔥 18,000 Stardust Burned in One Click

WHYDEEP by name, WHYDEEP Pockets by nature. 18,000 Stardust!

Congratulations to WHYDEEP for acquiring the first animated Generative Wolf (#408). We have finally locked down the workflow for updating the Metadata and this guy should be bouncing and weaving in the next day or two.

Be sure to check back into the Item Shop for more of these going forward…

🥽 80% of Traits Animated

Thanks to the hard work and finesse that Catfish (give him a follow on Twitter if you haven’t yet) has been putting into the Generative trait animations, we have now hit the 80% benchmark. Only 20% of traits still to go before we can fully animated ANY wolf.

💝 WL Giveaways

We have recently added a new role to the server for those interested in the Giveaways channel. Visit the channel here, hit the pinned messages, and react to get the role.

In the 3–4 months of running whitelist giveaways, we have finally hit 15,000 spots given away!

🌐 Style Protocol

The Wolvez are entering the metaverse! By integrating STYLE Protocol’s technology, Wolvez holders will be able to transform their NFTs and digital assets into 3D models so they can be used across various metaverses! Read more about STYLE and how it all works here: https://www.protocol.style/

👨‍🌾 Pixels — Farm Land for Gapes

The entire Galactic Apes collection, on both the original and new contract, is now integrated as avatars in Pixels — Farm Land. Holders can use your Gapes in their either on your own land plots, your friends’, or as visitors in this Stardew Valley-esque p2e ecosystem.

As mentioned to holders previously, Genesis Gapes do not have custom avatars but as consolation, we had the Pixels team program the default genesis avatar to an arguably more glorious and exclusive gape for you to use. If you are unfamiliar with the game, check it out here https://www.pixels.xyz/


As part of an ongoing partnership/closeness with MVHQ, we will be appearing on one of the Q&A shows in the next couple of weeks. We will let you all know when we have the date and time locked in!

🐺 Lore

🗣️ Leaked Convo between Catfish and Sir Linkin

These two Wolvez are always up to something… Maybe they heard about the upcoming threats of Base Raids and are cooking some sort of defense system in their Homebase?

Check out the post here >

🪐 Exploring the world you call home

The pack grows restless. Some want to hunt. Some want to scout. Some fear their urges are so strong that all fear has become a mere laughing matter to them.

Those brave, sometimes foolish, mutts amongst your ranks have decided to explore the new worlds upon which you’ve alighted. They have no real goal in mind, just boundless curiosity, a taste for adventure, and a few glowing objects in the distance that draw their attention and corrupt their nightly dreams…

The vacuum seal of your Homebase’s main exit hisses and steams as it opens. It’s been a while since that thing has gotten any use… The soft patter of paws treading on the powdery rock floor of the planet is the sole sound in the Infinite Beyond.

We know our brethren are out there somewhere and we wonder if they, too, are exploring their new isles. The darkness of space is eerie. The quiet is deafening. Odd shapes in the horizon draw the intrepid explorers further from your view. Before long, you can’t see their shadows any longer. You only see the sparkling lights of Stardust Goggles, receding into the distance. Only that and the two other, round, luminous glowing shapes in the distance.

The pack that remains at the Homebase theorizes what they could be, a bit nervously. Hoping that their brothers and sisters will return unharmed… wondering if it might not be best to call them back home, after all.



Star Wolvez

Where we’re going, the moon will be just a speck of dust.