🌕 Mega Moon Monday: December Edition

Star Wolvez
10 min readDec 5, 2022

As the year enters its final innings, and chilly season envelops us, it’s only right that this week’s full moon is dubbed the ‘Cold Moon’ ❄️🌛 (look out for it the skies on Wednesday).

(Fun fact, they also call it the Long Night Moon, because, in December, you’re likely to see the moon in the sky for the longest period in the year.)

Make sure to join the Twitter Space today to hear a break down of all the goodies below…

With that said let’s get into it and play the Wolf ASMR below to get into your full beast mode…


  • Mining Missions are a go — pick an Asteroid, come back later, gather your resources
  • XP, Levels, and Ranks are now going to separate the Alpha Wolvez from the Pups…
  • Technician Bunkers are here to make your upgrade and building lives easier — allowing you to run simultaneous builds at once
  • We’re busy working on Soft Staking 2.0, Stardust Mines (daily yield bearing Machine), the GASA Embassy, Tier 2 Machines, Boss Battles, Base Raids (sneak into another player’s base and steal resources), and Defensive Machines
  • Community Fun: get your Wolf illustrated or even… get your Wolf animated!
  • Partnership highlight: Galactic Apes are formally joining our universe, folding their Discord into ours and sharing the keys to the contracts
  • The ‘Star Wolvez Partnership Deck’ is live and ready to be shared to any Collection that may be suitable for our game (our first dry run with Brawler Bearz was a success)
  • 10 new collections being indexed in (inc. Moonrunners, Moonbirds, etc) — some formal arrangements, some opportunistic

🦧 Galactic Apes Ascend

The Others work in mysterious ways. Wolvez, it seems, we’re not the only terrestrial beings that caught their attention.

The Galactic Apes will officially become a part of the Star Wolvez Universe in a much bigger way. No longer just a partner project, these incredible legacy NFTs will be folded into the Star Wolvez brand. The project contracts (including Genesis, Generative, Monkes, and the new migration contract) are in the process of being passed over to the Star Wolvez team from Augminted Labs.

What does this mean? We will be working on integrating the Galactic Apes into the Star Wolvez Game and community in a deeper, more meaningful way. Branded missions, unique ways to yield Stardust, their own passive staking, trait bonuses and buffs, and more will all come into play duringthe course of the coming year.

Throughout this week, we will be folding the Gapes Discord into our own and welcoming our new community members into our home. We’ve spent an incredible amount of time working out the fine details of this new relationship and are very excited to see it become a reality. A massive special mention to DillyDilly_eth and Kylelovestacos for their dedication to, and leadership of, the Gapes Community for many, many months!

🚀 We have lift off

Please note that changes stated below will be pushed to production later today.

✅ Mining Missions

They’re finally here. The passive mode we’ve all needed on busy days.

Hit the Launch mission button, click Mining, and skim through the available pool of Asteroids. Here you’ll find a range of difficulties and time frames to suit your squad strength. Once you launch a Mining mission to an Asteroid, you’ll be able to check back in at any time.

✅ XP, Levels, and Ranks

Attention, soldier! 🫡

It is time to rank up amongst the greatest Wolvez in the galaxy in this huge leap for the game. Earn XP from almost every in-game task, from building/upgrading machines, to duking it out in PVP. From passively Mining a beautiful, resource rich asteroid, to going round-for-round in PVE.

You may notice that things are easy to begin with but get a little harder as you progress…

✅ Check your progress

Want to see your net XP earned? Simply tap on your name/XP progress bar and a modal will appear with the information.

✅ Ranks

There are currently 10 ranks available to Players in the game as of today, with more planned in future. (Note that as more are released, your Rank may be adjusted at the time).

Ranking is the foundations for us to have skill-based activities and matchmaking in the future.

To learn more about XP, Levels, and Ranking hop over to the Guide here.

✅ Technician Bunker

You know what’s worse than watching paint dry? Waiting a day to see your beautiful new machine upgrade.

Fear not, you can now recruit more worker Wolvez into your base. With the Technician Bunker, a well trained mechanic will be at your disposal, allowing you to build and upgrade multiple things at the same time. Get those beasts to work!

✅ Holographic Pepe

This month’s Cosmetic is a cult classic in our Web3 universe. The frog, the myth, the legend… Pepe. In holographic form. Sort of like when Princess Leah communicated to Luke, Pepe communicates to all Genesis Star Wolf holders right from their base.

He’s handsome, he’s free, and he’s going to look great right there next to another Machine.

A few other tweaks and improvements

  • Improved PVP Database functionality (front end calls replaced with backend calls)
  • When Players ‘Draw’ in PVP, there is a new finish state in the UI to make this clear
  • Fixed PVP/PVE UI bug not displaying Stun and Life Steal
  • Fixed PVE/PVE Broken Defend functionality
  • Removed PVP/PVE 10 Action Point gain when player is stunned
  • Temporarily updated PVP Bot Fight Stardust reward from 15 to 10 Stardust
  • Updated PVP Player Fight Stardust reward from 15 to 20 Stardust
  • Updated PVP Matches Player and Bot HP to 1000

What else we’ve been working on…

🕙 Soft Staking 2.0

It’s finally about time to unlock the Stardust per day for holding a wolf (alongside the current Soft Staking mechanism of opening daily chests). We have the code all set up in the matrix for the Genesis Wolvez to yield 50 per day, and Generative to yield 5 per day.

We will give you all a ping when testing has finished on that and we go live.

🕙 Stardust Mine

The Wolvez are becoming more advanced in their learned science through all manner of experiments. Some have worked out a way to warp the space-time continuum in a controlled manner and mine Stardust from different eras.

Some of the top Wolven scientists warn not to get too close to the machine or you may find yourself in a completely different decade with no way to return…

🕙 Tier 2 Machines

A fusion, a combining of forces… We’re hearing news that some extremely smart Wolven scientists have managed to merge two Machines together in a feat of engineering never seen before…

We’re in the process of allowing Players to combine two Level 10 machines (Mines and Storage) into one mega structure called a Tier 2 Machine. More power, more yield, and even more Hitpoints in case someone tries to get into your base… More on that later.

Oh, and they’re pretty glorious to look at too.

🕙 Galactic Ape Machine (GASA Embassy)

As part of our Partnership push (see ‘Partnership Deck’ later in the post), we have been working on our first Collection Exclusive Machine (a machine you can build if you own an NFT for that given partner project).

The first is for our friends, Galactic Apes (more on them later too), in the form of the ‘GASA Embassy’. A diplomatic building for the entire universe which will be similar in purpose to the Stardust Machine mentioned above: a small daily yield of Stardust for Galactic Ape holders.

🕙 Base Disruption…

For far too long, your bases have been safe from external forces. Machines purring, walls in tact… feels like you’re going to need to shore up your defenses one day.

Why? A couple of reasons…

🕙 Boss Battles

Shortly after Boss Battles launches, and you fail to participate, there will be a chance that one or more of your Machines will be disrupted by the big ol’ boss.

You’ll need to repair those bad boys to get them back online…

🕙 Base Attack

Tired of seeing these ridiculously cool bases? People stunting their fat resource stacks? There will come a time where you’ll get to sneak into their Homebase and start looting their goods… A Ver.0 is in the works whereby Attackers can bring their Squad and some troops along, and Defenders will need defensive buildings… Sneak peak below:

🕙 Defensive Machines

With all those pesky opps swarming around your well earned resources, you’re going to need some firepower at home to fend them off.

Is that a … Tesla Coil?

🎄 Community Fun

🐺 Animate your wolf…

Let’s get one thing straight before we continue… There is a savage beast among us. His name? Sir Linkin. We should all take a moment to throw up the paws for this guy who has continuously built good vibes and quality products within the SW ecosystem. Much love to you.

Now? There is an intergalactic giveaway about to hit the space channels. Follow instructions over the coming weeks on the main Twitter to have your wolf animated with the eventual winners having their metadata updated. 🔔 Notis on.

🎨 Illustrate your wolf…

The perfect Twitter banner doesn’t exi —

Nevermind, it does. In an upcoming giveaway over the Holiday Season, we’re getting some illustrations commissioned of your favorite Wolf.

Look out for news on this on Twitter and in the meantime, equip your favorite Wolf to your Twitter profile for a better chance of getting noticed.

Above is Chawanzo’s wolf illustrated. See the banner/PFP combo at twitter.com/charliehilton

🎅 For the Gennys…

A couple of Christmas gifts for our Genny Gang to gnaw on during chilly season…

  1. Genesis Wolvez get to direct your very own trait in the 2023 prequel to the Wolvez universe (Others). If you’ve been on the fence about grabbing a Genny, now’s a good time. We have been reaching out one-by-one, working together to get your trait idea designed exactly how you want it. It can be related to your Wolf or just something dear to you.
  2. We have an arrangement in place with MVHQ whereby a small batch of 2023 MVHQ passes have been set aside for big, bad Genny holders. Details to come…

Winter Fest

We have partnered with the NFT Winter Fest, powered by Intraverse and Polygon.

We have 10 early access passes that will be dished out to active Wolvez. These will allow you to hunt for treasure before anyone else… View a teaser video here.

Game Partnerships

Star Wolvez Partner Deck

The bear is brutal but Wolvez weather all storms — and it’s even easier with allies.

In our first stages, we are focused on partnering with pixel art projects. Our second phase will include all non-pixel art projects. If you are close to the founders/team of a project please feel free to share the deck with them and put us in touch. View the deck here!

🧸 Brawler Bearz

One of our latest alliances — our first test run of the aforementioned Partner Deck — was with the lovely folks at Brawler Bearz. First steps? Index the Brawlerz into the game and run a juicy giveaway on Twitter with a Bear and a Wolf to be added to the winners Squad…

See more here.

Newly Indexed Collections

As part of ongoing discussions, as well as some fun, opportunistic plays, we’re indexing a bunch of new Collections into the game at the moment (this takes time as it’s a lot of data to pull).

Here are some of the new combatants that will be entering into the Star Wolvez universe as allies or potentially even foes…

Moonrunners, Project Metrograd, Moonbirds, Kumaverse, Genuine Undead, Murakami Flowers, Neo Tokyo Citizens, Neo Tokyo Outer Citizens, Potatoz, Cryptoadz, Llamaverse Genesis, and Mooncats.

Until next time, beautiful Wolvez, everyone at the Star Wolvez fam wishes you and yours a very happy and enjoyable Christmas period. Drink up, be merry, and eat way, waaay too many roasted space rats…




Star Wolvez

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