🌕 Mega Moon Monday: April 2023 Edition

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Make sure to hop into the Spaces later to hear about the updates without needing to read a darn thing! https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YqJDodWrWQGV

Haaappy Birthday to you! Haaappy Birthday to you!

The (Generative) Wolvez turn one years old on Tuesday and The Shopkeeper has some big treats to hand out to the pack.

On Thursday, the Full Pink Moon rises, so be sure to don your favorite Pink Wolf on Twitter that day.

Let’s get into the updates…


  • It’s our Generative Birthday and The Shopkeeper has a ton of goodies; BK-88 chips, more NM-8 chips, Hoodies, NFTs for purchase, and Birthday Cake
  • Base Raid V0, GOOH Refineries, Alchemist Labs, Brawler Cage, EtherOrcs, EtherOrc Allies, and 4 new Cosmetics went live
  • 20x NM-8 Chips sold out, 70,000 Stardust was burned, and the metadata was updated on chain!
  • The first defensive oriented Machines — Plasma Cannons and Lightning Towers — are going live shortly
  • Quality of Life improvements includes upgrades to the Machine Info modal, refinements to the Shop, and server upgrades to account for all the new active wallets
  • Machine HP is finished and will be added to the game shortly
  • New Holder Exclusive Machines in the works for Kaiju Kingz, Little Lemon Friends, and AIC
  • A ton of new game partnerships in the works to boost the game userbase
  • A birthday message from the founder, Chawanzo the OP(ness)

📡 What’s rolling out shortly?

BK-88 Chips (Installment I) (x40)

The Shopkeeper keeps on cutting deals all across the galaxy, filling his shop with the weird and wonderful. These new BK-88 chips that all the cool kids have been lining up for are about to hit the market. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the ‘Item Shop’ tab of the Shop.

There are 11 backgrounds in this installment and, if you get your hands on a chip, you’ll be able to pick the Wolf to apply it to, and choose from the catalogue. (Note: you can combine this with a Wolf with an existing NM-8 chip).

NM-8 Chips (Installment II) (x20)

With the first shipment of NM-8 chips selling out in a few hours (70,000 Stardust burned), the Shopkeeper has decided to get another batch sent over. Look out for more of those this week. We’ve even heard that the Shopkeeper is feeling generous on his prices this time too, given it’s your birthday and all…

Hoodies (x40)

It’s too damn comfy to pass up again, my friend. A large crate of hooded garments are en route to The Shopkeeper, and he’ll be slinging 40 of them out to his customers shortly…

EtherOrc Allies, Little Lemon Friends, & Brawler Bears (x15)

As part of our commitment to the interoperability of the Star Wolvez game and universe, we will be releasing a number of NFTs in the EtherOrc, Little Lemon, and Brawler Bear families into the Shop. All will be purchasable with Stardust, and will help you to build the Holder Exclusive Machines for the different collections!

Birthday Cake (Cosmetic) (x1 per wallet)

A special slice of the weirdest tasting cake you’ll ever eat. A reminder that you’re an early one — free for all wallets that have a game account before we official turn one years old.

Plasma Cannons & Lightning Towers

We’ve been testing these on Staging last week, and they look phenomenal in the Homebase! You’ll be able to start bulking up your Homebase with defensive capabilities within the next day or so.

Machine HP

The defensive HP of each machine has been indexed into the game and we are now hooking it up to the Info modal of each Machine. It will be imperative that you have a good understanding of your Homebase’s resting defensive power, and you may want to purchase those Storage machines you’ve been holding off on…

⛴️ What got shipped this month?

Base Raid V0: Live

What is in your base, anon? Shipped earlier this month was the Version 0 of Base Raids — view mode. What does your base layout say about you? Oneshot poses the question to the community here

We’re actively moving into Base Raid V1 at the moment and, if all goes to plan, we’ll all be attacking one another very soon!

GOOH Refinery: Live

The Monkes have finally finished tinkering in their secret labs and their clever, new GOOH Refinery is available for all Galactic Monke holders. If you haven’t got one a Monke yet, grab one here!

EtherOrcs, EtherOrc Allies, & Alchemist Lab: Live

The Orcs of Valkala have received our Ascension space crafts, and hopped aboard. There are now many Orcs and Allies scuttling around Homebases across the Infinite Beyond, constructing and upgrading machines from their brand new Alchemist Lab (works the same as having one additional Technician Bunker/Worker).

Brawler Cage: Live

Known for their abilities to brawl, scrap, and fight, the Brawler Bears have found new homes amongst Wolvez, Gapes, and other creatures in Homebases from far and wide. They didn’t come empty handed either — their Brawler Cage (only buildable with a Brawler Bear token in your wallet) gives you a reward multiplier for PVE and PVP game modes!

4x New Cosmetics: Live

Mother Wolf & The Porcelain Throne… kind of sounds like one of those old Harry Potter books we used to see scattered around back on Earth.

These two are objective-based Cosmetics: reach a Level 5 Mainframe for Mother Wolf, and own a Genesis Wolf for Slade’s infamous porcelain throne. Remember to click the Mother Wolf every 12 hours to receive your gift from her!

The Other’s Receiver and the Space Cactus is available in the shop for a sprinkling of Stardust.

20x NM-8

Sold out in mere hours and another 70,000 Stardust that will never exist again 🔥! The Shopkeeper wanted to send a big thank you out to the 20 daring Wolvez that took the risk to install their NM-8 chip. Like the Shopkeeper said, it was risky business, but it paid off.

With that said, we just reached over 3,000,000 in burned tokens to date — which makes you wonder if we’ll reach the 10,000,000 mark before end of year… 🤔

Quality of Life Improvements: Shipped

Updated Machine Info Modal

With all the new details and intel you now have on your Machines, a fresh lick of paint has been added to the info modal for each Machine. You’ll now have more clarity on upgrade costs and times, yields, additional bonuses, and a HP bar (data should be rolling into those very soon) that helps you see how defensively sound your Homebase really is.

Updated Shop UI

Improvements to the tabbing of the different machines (e.g. a new ‘Holder Exclusive Machines’ tab helps you navigate to our partner projects quickly).

A more obvious visual cue has been added when players are unable to build/buy a certain machine — you will notice they are now greyed out.

General Bug Fixes

  • The library that we use for scrollable elements had a major regression which is causing some screens (e.g. Mining Mission selector, your Wolvez at the top of the Objective/Soft Staking modal, etc) to hide one of the elements — we are actively fixing this.
  • Server upgrades and refinements (we are seeing more and more usage of the Game, with more wallets connected each day, so we needed to optimize).

Partnerships & Other

2x New Pack Leaders

We’re honored and proud to have both OneShot and Esoteric join the ranks of Pack Leaders. Their hard work over the months has been nothing short of astounding with Esoteric leading partnerships, lore development, amongst many other things, and OneShot developing game mechanics, specifications, testing, and bug squashing. Give them a hearty !howl when you next see them!

Whitelist Giveaways

As some of you may have noticed, we have reduced the number of giveaways we do, and are actively vetting the projects more instead. If the project does not meet bare minimum requirements, we are now passing on those.

Main reason: higher quality. Make sure you sign up to the Giveaway role to receive pings here.

Game Partners

Esoteric has been shaking hands, cutting deals, wheeling and dealing across the galaxy to bring new friends into the fold. A whole host of interested gamers and web3 enthusiasts are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and we’re thrilled to be making big expansions to the player base over the coming weeks.

Kaiju Kingmaker

Kaiju Kingmaker (Level 1–3), creates a damage multiplier for your active squad in Boss Battles (e.g. Level 1 Kingmaker machine will increase your dmg per round by 1.25x)

Not only will the damage your squad inflicts on a Boss increase but, in the event of a successful defeating of a Boss, your payout will increase.

Only holders of Kaiju Kingz will be able to build the machine.

Little Lemon Tree

A big thank you to Prince Charles for helping to craft the buffs for both the Little Lemon Tree and the AIC Lab below!

Little Lemon Tree (Level 1–3), works similarly to Mother Wolf in that there is a claimable reward each 12 hours that increases in power every level.

Only holders of Little Lemon Friends can acquire the machine.


AIC Lab (Level 1–3), deals a boost to an active Star Laboratory for a certain duration (i.e. your Star Lab becomes even more effective for a period of time).

Only holders of Artificial Intelligence Club can acquire the machine.

Birthday Message From Chawanzo

Me rn just fyi

Dear, fine Wolvez and Gapes,

Tomorrow marks a full orbit around the sun from the day we all made our Great Ascension into the Infinite Beyond. Let me start by expressing what an honor it has been to work and play alongside this pack, and what a privilege it has been to build something uniquely our own together.

As we celebrate this milestone, I am reminded of why we are all here. We are not just here to buy and sell digital assets. We are here to create something new— a novel way of interacting with nascent technology, and owning your game assets.

We have all witnessed, side-by-side, moments we’ll never forget, memories that never fail to bring a smile to my face, and a shared kindness that all of us — at some point along the journey — needed. For that, I’m appreciative to have been able to play my small role in that, and excited for more memories, and for more newcomers to share our safe haven.

Like all good things, there have been ups and downs, from fighting tooth-and-nail during Genesis Moon Mondays, to the moments we could finally feel the remarkable softness of Star Wolvez hoodie adorn us. From the handshake with the Galactic Apes, that became our strongest alliance of all, to market crashes coming down all around us. The sum of those parts have made us stronger and more determined to uphold our shared vision.

We have always run on the ethos of doing things differently, zig when they zag, disregard the fads, and patiently deliver quality. From before the Great Ascension we were building; complex Discord games, vast community generated lore, and the foundations of one of the most promising games in the Web3 space.

A year later, and we continue to reaffirm our values and commitments; checking off our previously promised roadmap one by one, and continuously adding to it. We knew that, with market conditions having been so unfavorable, we had to be exhibit patience, degrees of restraint, and dedicate ourselves to building on our promises.

With that said, over the coming year, we have a number of projects in the works, and many approaching completion — from our beloved Blobs, to the enigmatic Others, from stunning Galactic Spaceships, to the long-awaited Battle Pass.

Whatever happens, we promise one thing above all: we keep shipping. So today, let us celebrate all that we have accomplished in the past year. Let us recognize the hard work and dedication of every member of this community, and let us look forward to the years ahead with excitement and optimism, knowing that we have the power to shape the space in ways that we do not even know to be possible yet.

Happy first birthday, my fellow Wolvez and Gapes! Here’s to many more years of growth, building, fun, creativity, and community.


Yours faithfully,

Chawanzo the OP-ness

Long live the !gooh



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