Galactic PvP Tournament

Star Wolvez
2 min readSep 19, 2022

The cosmos is teeming with life in all corners. One question has echoed throughout time and space since the beginning: Which species reigns supreme?

We will find out. Soon.

The Prizes

A tournament of galactic magnitude deserves a prize to match. The Others have put forth a bounty fit for the greatest duelist in the universe. Will you contend?

Grand Prize: 1 ETH, a “Tournament of Champions” Discord Role, Star Wolvez Hoodie, access to allow Allowlists for the rest of the year
Second Prize: 0.25 ETH, Star Wolvez Hoodie, access to allow Allowlists for the rest of the year
Third-Fourth Prize: 0.15 ETH, Star Wolvez Hoodie, access to allow Allowlists for the rest of the year
Fifth-Eighth Prize: 3 Star Wolvez Generative NFTs

We will also be giving away a myriad of allowlists and Wolvez for participants and spectators alike for showing valor and pack pride.


We will be inviting 32 brave participants to battle it out in the cosmic arena over the span of the week.

Who can enter?

16 Wolf Packs: Top 16 players that sign up based on the PvP Leaderboards

16 Partner Teams: 2 hand picked teams from 8 of our Partner Projects (selection to be made by the Partner Project’s team)

The Schedule

Oct 3rd-10th
The five rounds will take place over the course of the Monday to Monday period of October 3rd to October 10th. All rounds except for the Grand Finals will be a single match.

Round of 32: Oct 3rd to 6th
Round of 16: Oct 7th to 9th
Round of 8: Oct 10th at 4pm EST
Semi-Finals: Oct 10th (Upon completion of RO8)
Grand Finals (Best of 3): Oct 10th (Upon completion of Semis)

All participants will be invited into a private discord to check in and coordinate a battle time which will best suit both participants during the time periods above.

The October 10th final rounds will be commentated live with R2Degen and crew!

The Balancing Act

During this time while we welcome projects from all corners of the metaverse, The Others have decreed that a great balancing shall occur.

During the Galactic Tournament, all NFTs shall indeed be created equal. From October 3rd to October 10th, all packs will receive a total HP of 3000 (1000 HP per crew member). Yes, this includes partner projects as well.

In celebration of the Galactic Tournament, this will apply to ALL matches played during this time span.

More Deets

  • Failure to check in for a scheduled match will result in forfeiture
  • Scheduling disputes will be handled on a case by case basis by the Star Wolvez teams



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