Community Bounty 003: Wolf-e-Dex

Star Wolvez
3 min readSep 12, 2022

Ever played Pokemon? Remember opening up that Pokedex and exploring all the creatures and their abilities?

It’s time that the Wolvez got a Wolf-e-dex.

Part of running a decentralized community is opening data streams so community participants can contribute to development, building on existing data, assets, and toolsets.

The bounty is up to 5eth, depending on quality, with a range from 1.5–5.

We’re looking for a single person or group of people to build a simple web app/website that indexes all of the Star Wolvez and the following data:

  • Image
  • NFT ID
  • Traits
  • The special abilities of said traits
  • Rarity score
  • In-game HP
  • Opensea/Looksrare/Gem Link


  1. To serve as the standalone and official rarity index for Star Wolvez and any ensuing collections.
  2. To provide an easy and useful way for holders to discover and catalogue the traits and their unique abilities
  3. To offer a fun way to filter down and find your next forever Wolf
  4. To build a beautiful gallery to admire your Wolvez and Wolven brethren and inspire ideas
  5. To promote impeccable design

Designs for your inspiration

Feel free to use these exact designs, or riff on them yourselves. If you wish to get color codes, fonts, etc, please contact Chawanzo and he can give you access to the design file.

(Note: data shown is mockup data and not reflective of real life Wolvez).

Rewards & Timeline

  • We have no specified timeline for this project, but ideally this would be completed fairly rapidly
  • We will reward all members of a group based on their contributing factors (i.e. if you were the search team for a front end developer, you will be rewarded a finder’s fee).
  • The final ETH reward will depend on the complexity and quality of the execution and can range from anywhere from 1.5e to 5e.

How to deliver your work

  • Submit yourself or your team’s application here:
  • Join the Discord to ask questions:
  • Due to our security policies, we do not accept PDFs, text documents, or any other filetype we get sent
  • If you are working on the project, please get in touch with Chawanzo, who will connect you with an engineer on the SW team to get you access to APIs and walk you through how to host the Dex



Star Wolvez

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